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The lessons in our daily podcasts have helped shape the cultures of companies and have inspired entrepreneurs to become better, more productive leaders. If you or your company is interested in receiving customized daily training content delivered via audio podcasts, we can help. Imagine all your team members receiving a daily message on their mobile devices designed to keep them inspired and performing at like never before.

To receive Simply Success Daily Soft Skills Podcast directly to your phone text IFOCUS (all caps, no spaces) to 41-411.

Become A Kid Again

Most children live care free, happy lives. They have no worries or complaints. They enjoy each and every day and we could learn a lot

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The Knockout

The knockout is the most devastating ending in all of sports. It leave an opponent unconscious and unable to continue the fight. Boxers who can

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That’s My Song

We all have a favorite song and when we hear it, we can’t resist singing along. We know all the words, the rhythm and the

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Here and There

Two simple yet highly powerful words, “Here” and “There” represent where we are and where we desire to go. Many think of these two terms

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Soul Food

We are all familiar with the mouth watering, taste bud tempting meals commonly referred to as Soul Food. We drive great distances to get these

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Zero is the Hero

The most underrated, under appreciated number in the world is zero. Most people think it means nothing; when in fact, it means everything. Imagine a

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Hunger Pains

There is no pain quite like hunger pain. It often begins with a growling stomach. It then transitions to pains in our stomach and sometimes

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Can You See The Future?

Think about how the future influences our daily lives. The weather forecasts are simply predictions of the future and so are business plans and projections.

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