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Success Training Institute Offering 10,000 Veterans Complimentary Soft Skills Classes

Success Training Institute (STI) has announced a new initiative aimed at equipping US military veterans with the soft skills needed to increase their chances of securing gainful employment. Starting June 1, 2016, STI will allow up to 10,000 veterans to take a battery of soft skills classes from its vast video library at no cost. The online soft skills training company believes its platform is uniquely suited for veterans looking to excel in the civilian workforce.
Success Training Institute Offering 10,000 Veterans Complimentary Soft Skills Classes

National Association of Workforce Development Professionals (NAWDP) Award Winner, Andre Johnson is convinced the programs offered by STI will positively impact all veterans who enroll. “I’ve dedicated much of my career to evaluating and identifying programs that help job seekers secure and maintain gainful employment,” said Johnson, who serves as a Workforce Center manager in Texas. “Success Training Institute offers proven, practical programs that will give veterans the competitive edge they deserve and I haven’t seen anything on the market that comes close,” he continued.

Plans are already in place to promote the new initiative to non-profits, state and local agencies and other groups that make serving veterans a priority. Enrollment into the free soft skills training program is on a first-come, first-served basis and veterans must provide proof of military service. Success Training Institute’s online video classes can be accessed from any smartphone, laptop or tablet. The free classes include introductory lessons in problem solving, team building, conflict resolution, leadership, interviewing, customer service and business etiquette. Military veterans and their spouses also receive discounts on soft skills classes not included in the free offer.

The unemployment rate amongst veterans is significantly higher than the civilian population and for veterans between the ages of 18 -25; it hovers above 20 percent. Success Training Institute Founder, D.L. Wallace believes his company can help these ex-military Millennials with its digital training platform. “This generation absorbs information much better when presented in short, stimulating video segments and that’s exactly what we provide,” said Wallace. “We’re excited about the opportunity to provide veterans of all ages the training that translates to success in the workplace.”

Soft skills are regarded as the most sought after skill set by employers across the globe. Recent studies reveal candidates who acquire soft skills are more likely to secure employment than those who do not. “When people ask me for tips on becoming more employable, I always recommend soft skills training,” said Johnson. “Success Training Institute will play a major role in helping thousands of veterans achieve their professional goals.”

About Success Training Institute
Success Training Institute is an online soft skills training company specializing in offering original video content to job seekers, college students, corporations and working professionals. Its certification programs have been endorsed by Corporate Executives, College Administrators, Professors, Entrepreneurs and Military Veterans. The company is based in Fort Worth, Texas. To learn more, visit

Soft Skills

Soft Skills Are Here to Stay

From Utah to the United Kingdom and everywhere in between, employers are becoming more and more fascinated with soft skills. These interpersonal qualities that are not taught in college impact how you interact with others, solve problems, work as a team and much more.

Therefore, if you want to have a real shot at the next promotion or a chance at getting your foot in the door with reputable companies, you need soft skills.

 You may be wondering: “how do I acquire soft skills? How will anyone know that I have what it takes in this area of professional development?”

The answer is simple: Certifications. Having soft skills certifications prove to your employer you know the importance of soft skills and you have the commitment to keeping your skills updated. To learn how you can affordable, online soft skills training please visit

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Soft Skills

Update Your Skills NOT Your Resume

Over 40 percent of recent college graduates are still looking for a job. In addition, over 14 million Americans are either unemployed or underemployed; making it harder and harder for you to separate yourself from the pack. The solution: Pay less attention to your resume and more to refining your skills.

Soft skills certifications not only look great on your resume but also help you excel in almost any work environment. In most cases you can access the training online and the most reputable programs are also very affordable. In as little as 6 weeks you can gain the soft skills you need to set you apart from the rest. Find out more at

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Soft Skills

Which Statistic Are You?

Are you in the market for a job or new career? Have you grown frustrated with the job search process? Ever wonder why they never seem to call you back? You are NOT alone.

Soft Skills training is the key to securing the elusive job offers you desire as employers now rate soft skills above technical skills and additional degrees (add link). These are simply the interpersonal qualities that impact how you interact with people, solve problems, critically think and positively influence clients. It is THE premier skill set to possess to get ahead. Those with soft skills certifications are 45% more likely to get hired over those who don’t. Contact the Success Training Institute for information on how you can get certified in soft skills in as little as six weeks.

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Press Release

Success Training Institute Announces New Initiatives to Bridge Soft Skills Gap Amongst High School and College Students

One of the exciting initiatives of Success Training Institute is their commitment to bridge the soft skills gap amongst high school and college students by offering drastically discounted (and in some cases, complimentary) training for college students, high schools and non-profits serving underprivileged and disadvantaged areas.

Addison, TX (PRWEB) August 26, 2015

One of the exciting initiatives of Success Training Institute is their commitment to bridge the soft skills gap amongst high school and college students by offering drastically discounted (and in some cases, complimentary) training for college students, high schools and non-profits serving underprivileged and disadvantaged areas.

Research studies show that soft skills are the most sought after skill set by companies all over the world. However, they are also difficult and often expensive to acquire. Recognizing this trend, the Success Training Institute has developed an affordable soft skills training platform for colleges, public and charter schools. In some cases, schools can qualify for their student body to receive certifications in critical soft skills such as leadership, problem solving, time management, critical thinking, sales, and customer service, at no out-of-pocket expense to the schools.

“Our soft skills platform was designed to help people from all walks of life become more employable, more marketable and more confident,” said DL Wallace, CEO of Success Training Institute. “However, we realize the scarcity of quality of soft skills training in underserved areas and we are committed to bridge the gap.”

This initiative will help those that can’t afford quality soft skills training to acquire it at little or no cost. The plan is simple:

  • The Success Training Institute is seeking partnerships with non-profit organizations, schools, and associations with an emphasis on jobs programs.
  • Offering its training to the members of those communities and organizations for an extremely low cost.
  • Together, the Success Training Institute and the partnering organization will track the success of the users of the soft skills training platform after certifications are earned.

“As a former college president, I have always supported the need for soft skills amongst our student body,” said Felix A. Zamora, President Emeritus Mountain View College, DCCCD. “The Success Training Institute’s desire to partner with college and high school programs will be well received and partnerships such as these are long overdue.”

Success Training Institute is leading the soft skills revolution by doing its part to increase awareness of the growing need for soft skills; which play the greatest role in securing employment in today’s workforce. Further, the online platform of the Success Training Institute makes learning convenient for those who don’t have the time or transportation to travel to a brick and mortar facility. All content can be delivered to users mobile phones and tablet and tests can be taken from their devices as well.

About Success Training Institute
Led by CEO DL Wallace, the Success Training Institute offers certification programs in numerous soft skills concentrations including: leadership, sales, problem solving, team building and critical thinking. With hundreds of original online video courses, the Success Training Institute has become the leader in effective online training and development.

Using its copyrighted, revolutionary SIPS Instructional Method©, every lesson is effectively taught in 8 minutes or less. CEO’s, College Presidents, Professors, and Entrepreneurs have endorsed the training platform. Success Training Institute is based in Addison, Texas. Find out more at

Soft Skills

Is Your Resume “Soft” Enough? Leverage Soft Skills To Land the Job

In the faceless, digital recruitment age, a job hunt can start with a simple Google search.  In order to get noticed, you have to ask yourself: Am I really job ready?  Regardless of your employment status or goals, there are some critical readiness steps to ensure a successful job search.  These tips work for those who just finished school or those looking for career advancement.

For starters, update your resume. However, updating your resume means more than re-formatting and adding your most recent employment history. It is actually acquiring new skills to make your resume more powerful. What skills? Soft skills, which by the way are the most sought after skills of today’s employers. But the key question is how can a resume be enhanced to add soft skills overnight? Fortunately, there is a simple answer: the Success Training Institute is the premier online soft skills training company that help you magically transform your resume.

The Success Training Institute courses are highly, efficient, effective and are priced to fit almost any budget. Earn certifications in leadership, professional development, team building, problem solving and much more by taking classes that can be delivered on demand to your phone or laptop. In just a few minutes per day you can boost your resume and your skills simultaneously! The best part of it all is the classes won’t bore you to tears or put you to sleep. The engaging videos are easy to understand and each class is less than ten minutes! There are hundreds of courses and many corporations respect the certifications. Every employer wants to know they are hiring an ambitious life learner. Therefore, make the smart choice by enrolling in the Success Training Institute today.

Your resume is the first impression, and in scanning your resume, a potential employer is deciding if there is interest in securing an interview.  Position yourself by enhancing your career opportunities with the Success Training Institute. As you gain certifications, add them to your resume. Soon you will see the power of soft skills as HR Managers begin to place your resume on top of all the others. Find out more at

Soft Skills

How to Leverage Soft Skills

The great Greek mathematician, Archimedes once said, “Give me a lever and I can move the earth.” While that statement may or may not be true, no one can argue that leverage plays a major role in business.

Simply put, leverage is the art of using small object to move a much bigger object through proper positioning. Your soft skills training may not seem like a big deal now, but if leveraged properly, it can help you secure the position of your dreams. The better you leverage what you know, the more likely you are to excel in the business world.

Almost every employer is searching for candidates with superior soft skills (leadership, problem solving, communication, time management, interpersonal, sales, etc.). Most prospective employees are in a mad dash to acquire soft skills. They’re attending conferences; workshops and any other self-help initiatives that can help them achieve soft skills rapidly and inexpensively. Therefore, you must keep pace or run the risk of being left behind. Finding places to acquire soft skills in one thing – leveraging those skills you acquire is another story. Keep the following in mind: Continue reading

Soft Skills

Rate Your Problem Solving Skills?

If you’re currently in the market for a job or a new career, be certain that employers are looking to hire those that have impeccable problem solving skills. In fact, studies show that problem solving is one of the most sought after traits in the workplace.

When was the last time you evaluated your problem solving skills? The better question is: Do you know how determine whether this is one of your strengths and if so, can you leverage it to secure the position of your dreams?

Problem Solving requires mastery of other soft skills including: a, strategic planning, teamwork and leadership. In addition, skilled problem solvers are comfortable taking risks, accepting responsibility and working longer hours until the solutions are achieved. Does this sound like you? If not, think again. Continue reading

Soft Skills

Colleges respond to industry demands for ‘soft skills’

The Globe’s biweekly business-school news roundup.

Employers and education providers don’t always see eye to eye on the job readiness of graduates.

“There is a large gap in the perception of preparedness,” says Ali Jaffer, associate principal in the Toronto office of McKinsey and Co., and a contributor to one of its global reports that found employers and postsecondary education institutions at odds over the skills of graduates.

In a 2012 survey by New York-based McKinsey, 75 per cent of education providers said graduates were adequately prepared for entry-level positions in their career field, a view shared by only 42 per cent of employers and 45 per cent of youth. When asked about soft skills, just 49 per cent of employers felt graduates were skilled in written communication compared to 63 per cent of education providers. (A Canadian report with similar themes is expected to be released shortly).

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Soft Skills

Do soft skills really matter?

Knowing how to actively listen to colleagues is an important trait everyone in business should learn.

Knowing how to actively listen to colleagues is an important trait everyone in business should learn.

A consulting firm used to send graduates to a finishing school of sorts before they started their career. For a few days, young staff would learn how to talk to clients, conduct themselves at a work lunch, mingle at functions, network and dress appropriately for the job.

How many other businesses and educators still provide formal training on the so-called “soft skills” that are often the hardest to master? Not many, judging by employees who can barely sit still at a lunch without diving for their smartphone, think that a “conversation” is an email, and dress for work on Fridays like they are going to a nightclub.

Or who pretend to listen to conversations but are only waiting for their turn to talk, cannot be bothered to make small-talk at functions, and assume building a business reputation starts and ends with a Facebook or LinkedIn page.

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