Frequently Asked Questions

Independent Corporate Accounts Manager

Why Is There a Training Fee?

  • The Training Is Teaching a Skill and Gaining New Skills Cost. Real Estate Agents, CPA’s, Human Resources Specialists pay initial and ongoing fees to stay on top of their respective professions. Independent Corporate Account Managers learn a unique skill set that is not often taught: how to professionally sell training services to the business and corporate community.
  • Fees Gauge Commitment – Those who are truly serious about excelling in new professions are willing to pay the costs associated with the same. Success Training Institute is ONLY interested in training those who are dedicated to maintaining the excellence of its company brand.

Will Ongoing Training Be Provided and Does It Cost?

Just like many other professions, corporate sales require ongoing training to ensure you are at the top your game and NO we don’t charge you additional fees for the ongoing training; which includes but is not limited to:

  • Training Conference Calls
  • Live Training Sessions
  • Online Training and Development Courses and customized ICAM Podcasts
  • Many of these training supplements can be taken at your own pace and around your schedule.

Am I Restricted to Only Those Customers in My Immediate Geographical Region?

No. As an ICAM you have the flexibility of reaching out to companies in their circle of influence no matter where those organizations are based.

What Type of Support Can I Expect?

  • Once you receive your ICAM certification, you will have access to the STI Corporate Back Office portal that includes all digital marketing and sales materials.
  • The ICAM Support Team will vet the leads you submit and make second level presentations that may include specific customizations for your prospective clients.
  • You will also receive bi-weekly deal status updates once your prospective clients have been handed off to the STI Corporate Sales Team.
  • Of course, initial and ongoing training and administrative support.

What Is the Earnings Potential?

  • ICAMs can earn commissions of 15% or more and there is no cap on the commission amount.
  • By comparison, real estate agents typically earn 3% to 6%, And many cases the commissions are split, No Matter the Size of the Deal, ICAM receives 15% Commission.

Will I Continue to Earn Commissions When the Companies Renew Agreements and if So, At What Rate?

The Commissions for the ICAM are Residual. As Companies renew, ICAM continues to receive 15%.

Will There Be a Time Where I Have to Split My Commission?

No. ICAMs receive a flat 15% – no splits.

IF I Am NOT A Certified ICAM Can I Earn Commissions For Referring Deals?

No. Only trained ICAMs are eligible to receive commissions on corporate deals.

What Are the Benefits of the One Day Training?

  • Start Working Immediately After Training
  • Course Are Taught by Company Founders
  • Meet Members of Corporate Sales Team

If A Company Representative Comes to Town for the Purpose of Closing My Deal Can I Attend?

This is handled on a case by case basis and depends on several factors. If your attendance is deemed beneficial by the STI Corporate Sales Director, you will be notified.

How Soon After On of My Deals Close Will I Be Notified?

As soon as contracts are fully executed and payments are received, you will be notified via e-mail.

Will I Have Access to Business Cards, Hard Marketing Materials, and Other Resources?

Yes. Business Cards and other tools are available and are optional, NOT mandatory and additional fees may apply.

Do Companies Typically Make Large Purchases in the Fall and Winter Months?

Absolutely! The fiscal year for the government begins October 1st and ends September 30th. The most common fiscal years end for the US companies is the end of the third quarter (September 30) or the end of the last quarter December 31st). That is why this is the time to get trained and begin making contact with companies.

ICAM Certification Course (Online)

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