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Dr. DL Wallace

Featured in Money Central Magazine

“Currently, he serves as the CEO and founder of Success Training Institute (STI), a global frontrunner in providing exceptional soft skills training. Established in 2012, Success Training Institute stands as an acclaimed educational technology firm situated just north of Dallas, Texas. Its current clientele encompasses colleges, universities, workforce commissions, school districts, and corporations spanning diverse industries. 

STI has developed tailored educational platforms that encompass pre and post-assessments, personalized learning roadmaps, access to data-driven insights, and a range of other resources. The services offered by STI are targeted towards both corporations and individuals aiming to enhance their workforce by offering training in areas such as compliance, leadership, problem-solving, team building, customer service, and more.”

Featured in Global Millionaire Magazine

“I launched my first business as a junior at Baylor University, igniting my passion for innovation and entrepreneurship. After a successful corporate career and early retirement at 32, I returned to my passion.

Fueled by a love for technology, I created SimplySuccess.com to provide on-demand training and certifications, bridging the gap for business-minded individuals.

This vision culminated in the birth of Simplysuccess.com, a platform enabling individuals from all walks of life to attain certifications that enhance their resumes, income potential, and prospects in entrepreneurship. Presently, our company boasts a global presence, spanning numerous countries across four continents.”

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Playing With Fire

Dr Wallace’s creative daily podcasts are a source of inspiration and empowerment for tens of thousands of professionals across the globe. Broken down into bite segments of 8 minutes or less, Wallace prolifically delivers a fresh and powerful lesson everyday.

CEO. Innovator. Leader. World Class


Two Time EdTech Company of the Year.

Four Time (and Reigning) Soft Skills Company of the Year. Recognized Sole Source Provider. Innovators of the SIPS Instructional Method. Transforming Company Cultures Across Four Continents.

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