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Adding Courses

Ready to create your first course? Then let’s get started!

To add a course, go to Courses All Courses and click Add New.

Start by giving the course a title:

Course title

Next, enter the content for the course page in the main content area. This content should describe the course and explain what learners can expect to learn. It can contain any type of content you like, including images, videos and HTML:

Course content

If you like, you can enter a brief description of the course in the Excerpt field:

Course excerpt

Add Categories

A course can be assigned one or more categories. You can select an existing category or click the Add New Course Category link to create a new one:

Course categories

Set a Course Prerequisite

If you would like learners to complete another course before taking this one, you can set a Course Prerequisite. Learners will not be able to start taking this course until they complete the prerequisite course first:

Course prerequisite

Feature a Course

To feature a course, select the Feature this course box. The course will then be displayed under Featured Courses on the course archive page and in the course component widget:

Featured course

Add a Featured Image

A featured image can be added to a course by uploading an image from your computer or selecting an existing image from the Media Library. The image displays on the course archive and single course pages, depending on the settings configured in Sensei > Settings > Courses:

Featured image

Add a Course Video

To add a video to the course page, paste the video embed code (from YouTube, Vimeo etc.) into the Course Video field:

Course video

The video displays for both users who are taking the course and those who are not. If you prefer to display it for only those users who are actually taking the course, you can embed the video into the main page content instead of in the Course Video field.

Disable Email Notifications

There is a Course Notifications panel on the course edit screen that gives you the option to disable all email notifications for just that course. This option overrides the global email options in Sensei > Settings > Email Notifications:

Course notifications

Add Lessons to a Course

See Adding Lessons for more information.

Edit a Course

Once your course is published and people have started taking it, we recommend against making major changes such as adding or removing lessons, editing quizzes etc. Doing so will affect the grades and completion status of users who are already taking (or have already completed) the course. Minor text edits are fine, but anything that will affect the overall completion status should be avoided.

If you decide that your course needs an update with extra lessons, different quizzes etc., the best solution would be to either create a new version of the course from scratch or to duplicate the existing course and make the required updates before publishing.

Change Course Order

To change the order in which your courses are displayed, go to Courses > Order Courses. Then drag and drop the courses into the desired order, and click Save Course Order.

This will display your courses in the order specified in Courses > Order Courses.

Duplicate a Course

  1. Go to Courses > All Courses.
  2. Hover over a course and click the Duplicate link to duplicate it, or Duplicate (with lessons) to duplicate the course and all of its lessons.

What’s Next?

You may want to create some modules in order to group similar lessons together.

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