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Soft Skills Training Courses

Emotional Health Solution

The global pandemic has had a devastating impact on emotional health and wellness; particularly amongst youth. Elevated stress, social anxieties, inability to focus and achieve goals are just a few of the emotional factors that have caused student absenteeism, behavioral problems, lower campus morale and decreased overall performance at academic institutions nationwide.

Success Training Institute offers proven solutions to restore emotional wellness with its cutting edge, video based, soft skills certification programs; which are designed to boost social, emotional and workplace competencies. Scholarships are available to qualified schools and by nominating an academic institution in your area, you can make a positive, sustainable impact in your community.
Soft Skills Training Courses

Your Influence = Your Impact

We all know or will come in contact with leaders of public schools, historically black colleges and universities (HBCU), community colleges and charter schools. By connecting those institutions to the powerful soft skills and emotional intelligence development programs offered by Success Training Institute, you can become the catalyst for lasting change in your community.

In most cases, the schools you nominate will be selected to receive scholarships for a portion of their campus population. They will thank you for making the connection that helped them solve the systemic emotional health problems all schools are facing.

Whether you have relationships at one school or ten, your influence and involvement can make a lasting difference.
Soft Skills Training Courses

Over $10 Million In Scholarships!

Success Training Institute is the “Tom’s Shoes” of the Ed Tech industry. Each time paying clients complete certification courses, scholarships are donated to deserving schools and colleges. With millions to give away each year, your nomination can open the door for schools to truly grow in the areas that matter most: Soft Skills.

Students, faculty and staff can earn certifications in Leadership, Conflict Resolution, Stress Management, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and much more! The mobile friendly, highly effective video based lessons are broken down into segments of 8 minutes or less! Schools will see measurable gains in attendance, test scores, campus morale and much more. Submit Your Nomination Today!

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