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Soft Skills Training Courses

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Your members will have access to career building, income boosting, soft skills certification courses! Your members can learn and grow on the go with our mobile friendly, video-based content that has been proven to elevate social, emotional and workplace competencies. The customizable platforms look and feel like your organization; which further enhances your brand and new training content is added each month. Your members can now earn certifications in Conflict Resolution, Sales, Time Management, Sales, Effective Decision Making and so much more. They’ll thank YOU for connecting them to such powerful professional development resources.
Soft Skills Training Courses

Boost Revenues

Our cutting-edge online empowerment ecosystems are designed to permanently solve the fundraising problem. The subscription-based pricing model helps you generate revenues from members month after month. Your organization receives a portion of the monthly subscriptions and when members complete the certification programs, we donate scholarships to those less fortunate in your organization’s honor. Now you can make an even greater community impact while increasing revenues at the same time! Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.
Soft Skills Training Courses

Turnkey. Headache Free!

As your online empowerment partner, you bring the members, and we do the rest. We host, maintain and manage the platform; which allows you to continue doing what you do best. Your members will enjoy the 24/7 Online Chat Features, the Pre and Post Assessments, the Individualized Learning Plans and the ability to take courses anywhere, at any time. You’ll enjoy having a branded, value-added empowerment tool that you don’t have to manage. We provide you with the data and analytics, the customer service and support and the commitment to making the user experience the best on the planet!

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