$100 Million Dollars in Annual Revenue Potential

Our Model Partners Private Universities with Our Powerful Products

University Brands + Our Products = Over $100 Million In Annual Opportunities!

The Employee Development Industry will surpass $1 Trillion in the next five years. Colleges can now partner with Success Training Institute to get a share of one of the world’s fastest growing industries. Combine our award winning training to recognized university brands and Watch Out!

We Have Launched!

Our business model is working with private universities Right Now! Those in the pilot program have proven This Concept Works! Universities can generate several million per year with access to this platform. It's Happening Before Our Eyes!

Creating A Cash Cow!

Universities are great at raising money. Our product is a tool for colleges to create long term contracts with local employers for virtual training. There are also retail programs for the Alumni to participate. We split the revenues with the universities. It's a True Cash Cow.

Making Money and Headlines

Partnering with colleges is a great story. Positively Impacting the workforce is a great story. Giving back to the community is another great story. Our model does all these things and more! You'll be reading about us soon!

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The Employee Development Industry is Expected to Surpass $1 Trillion by 2028. Position Yourself to Win with Success Training Institute!