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The lessons in our daily podcasts have helped shape the cultures of companies and have inspired entrepreneurs to become better, more productive leaders. If you or your company is interested in receiving customized daily training content delivered via audio podcasts, we can help. Imagine all your team members receiving a daily message on their mobile devices designed to keep them inspired and performing at like never before.

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The Beauty Shop

Our society is fascinated with beauty. Manicures, pedicures, hair extensions, makeovers and the list goes on. For some, weekly trips to the beautician cannot be

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We’ve all gotten letters in the mail informing us that we’ve been “pre-approved”. Credit card companies, mortgage companies, and even automotive dealerships have made the

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The Golden Opportunity

If we pay close attention, we will discover opportunities almost everywhere we look. Some are better than others. The best opportunities receive the label of

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We All Need a Father

Research shows that children who grow up without a father are less likely to succeed in life than those who do. The unique love, protection,

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Risk and Reward

It seems as if every reward comes with some degree of risk. In professional sports, athletes face the constant risk of injury. In politics, candidates

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Power To The People

Power is one of the most fascinating concepts on the planet and there are many types of power. There’s an economic power, intellectual power, spiritual

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Grand Prize Winners

We live in a highly competitive world. Everyone wants to win and win big. In sports, athletes chase trophies and gold medals. In academics, students

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Pay to Play

Almost every enjoyable and exciting thing we do has an associated cost. We must purchase tickets to see our favorite movies, visit amusement parks and

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Float Like A Butterfly

The butterfly is arguably the most beautiful insect on the planet. However, it’s more than the beauty that makes the butterfly unique. As business leaders,

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