Certified Trainers’ Outline

Simply Success: Nothing More. Nothing Less.

Applicable to all Professions and College Majors
Self-Paced, 3 Month-12 Month Outline

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Simply Success

Course Overview

This content is for Platinum Trainers Only…  Click here to upgrade your membership.

  • Soft Skills Focus: Leadership
  • Live Lesson Focus: Setting Audience Expectations
  • Podcast Focus: Introduction to Podcasting
  • Assignment One: Review Research Reports on Soft Skills found on Company Website and Conduct Independent Research to Learn More About the Rise and Necessity of Soft Skills Training
  • Assignment Two: Login to Your Back Office to Gain Familiarity with the System. Use the Invite Feature to Invite Friends to Experience Soft Skills Training Courses.
  • Assignment Three: Create a User Profile in Your Back Office by Accessing the Group Features. Professionally Connect with Other Trainees through the System
  • Soft Skills Focus: Team Building
  • Live Lesson Focus: Making the Most of Each Concept
  • Podcast Focus: Growing Your Podcast Skills
  • Assignment One: Select Your Favorite Simply Success Promotional Video from the Back Office
  • Assignment Two: Add Commercial to Your LinkedIn and Other Social Media Timelines
  • Soft Skills Focus: Time Management
  • Live Lesson Focus: Personalizing the Training Experience
  • Podcast Focus: Dissecting the Podcast Process
  • Assignment One: Opt into Daily Podcast by Texting MYSUCCESS to 41-411 and rate the podcast you hear (on 1-5 scale; with 5 being best) in the following categories: Energy, Originality, Delivery
  • Assignment Two: Submit Your Testimonial About Your Experience with Simply Success Thus Far
  • All Assignments Can Be Submitted Through the System
  • Soft Skills Focus: Winning Attitude
  • Live Lesson Focus: Effective Use of Relatable Stories
  • Podcast Focus: Pursuing Podcast Excellence
  • Assignment One: Submit One Blog (through the system) on the following Topic: The Professional and Personal Impact of Soft Skills. (200 words maximum)
  • Assignment Two: Identify and Submit Two Industries that Could Use Soft Skills Training to Improve Customer Service
  • Soft Skills Focus: Sales
  • Live Lesson Focus: Marinating Audience Connectivity
  • Podcast Focus: Leveraging Podcasts as A Marketing Tool
  • Assignment One: Attend A Networking Event to Expand Your Professional Network
  • Assignment Two: Focus on Adding Ten New People to Your Circle from the Event You Attend and Connect with the Ten on LinkedIn
  • Soft Skills Focus: Conflict Resolution
  • Live Lesson Focus: Finishing Strong
  • Podcast Focus: Podcasting as A Client Retention Tool
  • Assignment One: Submit Three Ideas or Strategies You Believe Simply Success can implement that will impact your growth
  • Assignment Two: Submit your request to co-host a live webinar with members of Platinum Trainers’ Circle and or Company Executives. Send request through the system or email admin office.
  • Soft Skills Focus: Positive Body Language, Focus
  • Live Lesson Focus: Stage Presence
  • Podcast Focus: Podcast Consistency
  • Assignment One: Conduct One Webinar/ Conference Call to Articulate One Soft Skills Concept to Others in Live Settings. Fifteen Minutes Maximum (including Q and A; if applicable)
  • Assignment Two: Record the Call or Webinar and Submit to Corporate Office: admin@
  • Soft Skills Focus: Entrepreneurial Excellence
  • Live Lesson Focus: Audience Engagement
  • Podcast Focus: Podcast as A Tool for Client Engagement
  • Assignment One: Select Props You Would Use in Training Session and Why? Submit Answers Through the System
  • Assignment Two: Identify Two Ways You Will Keep Audiences Engaged Over a Half Day Training Session.
  • Soft Skills Focus: Trust and Transparency
  • Live Lesson Focus: Staying on Track
  • Podcast Focus: Podcast as a Tool to Build Your Brand
  • Assignment One: Record One, Five Minute Soft Skills Podcast Using SIPS Instructional Method; submit recording to admin@simplysuccess.com
  • Assignment Two: Listen to A Podcasts of Another Trainee and Offer Feedback. Connect Through Group Feature in System
  • Soft Skills Focus: Prospecting/Negotiating
  • Live Training Focus: Integrating Your Personality
  • Podcasts Focus: Podcast to Boost Morale
  • Assignment One: Prepare an 8 Minute Lesson Using SIPS Instructional Method on any Soft Skills Topic and Submit Through the System (maximum 750 Words)
  • Assignment Two: Review and Critique One of Your Peer Trainees Work Prior to Submission through the System
  • Soft Skills Focus: Effective Decision Making/Goal Setting
  • Live Training Focus: Creativity Counts
  • Podcast Focus: Practicing Live Podcast Sessions
  • Assignment One: Prepare 15 Minute Lesson Using the STI Curriculum as a Foundation; record if possible
  • Assignment Two: Select Appropriate Props for the Lesson and Review the Work of One of Your Peer Trainees.
  • Soft Skills Focus: Overcoming Objections; Professional Development
  • Live Training Focus: The Closing Act
  • Podcast Focus: Leveraging Podcasts to Expand Your Following
  • Assignment One: Upload A Testimonial of How the Training Has Benefited You Personally and Professionally
  • Assignment Two: Rehearse Your Presentation and Record it Via Webinar and Submit to admin@
  • Assignment Three: Make Plans to Attend Live Showcase to Fine Tune Presentation Skills