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Applicable to all Professions and College Majors
Self-Paced, 3 Month-12 Month Outline

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Certified Soft Skills Trainer

As a Certified Soft Skills Trainer with Success Training Institute (aka Simply Success), you will acquire skills that can monetized in several ways. First, you will be able to conduct independent soft skills training workshops, seminars and coaching sessions with those in your circle. Next, you will be able to market yourself as a subject matter expert; opening the door to even more opportunities to showcase your talents as a trainer.

Additionally, you have the chance to be selected by Success Training Institute to fulfill training requests we receive from organizations in your area. You can also build a team of professional trainers and earn override commissions from their sales efforts. Lastly, you can earn commissions by referring our retail and corporate online training services to those in your network.

The lessons in these modules are designed to help you become a more effective learning and development training professional; while simultaneously introducing you to key soft skills training competencies. Soft skills are multi-faceted, and you will be introduced to an array of competencies including: Team Building, Effective Decision Making, Conflict Resolution, Leadership, Sales, Customer Service and much more. As you gain an understanding of these and other concepts, you will become more comfortable training on the same.

This course will introduce you to the Simply Success training and instructional methods, philosophies and soft skills implementation strategies. The assignments associated with each section in this course are designed to make you more well-rounded and credible as a professional trainer; which in some cases, may mean attending live training sessions, interfacing with company leadership and participation in conference calls, webinars and other online events hosted by Success Training Institute. You will also be expected to earn soft skills certifications and maintain other continuing education requirements.

As you succeed, others around you will succeed as well. Trainers with Simply Success are constantly seeking to introduce the life changing soft skills courses to people in their circles and you will want to do the same. In addition, when you earn certifications, we donate soft skills scholarships to those less fortunate. Our ultimate goal is for you to become more equipped than ever to achieve your personal and professional goals.

Becoming a Certified Soft Skills Trainer has many benefits and we want you to take advantage of them all! Consider this your first step in an incredible journey of fulfillment and achievement with Success Training Institute.

Key Learning Objectives

  1. Audience Engagement. You will grasp the processes of how our trainers keep audiences connected to the subject matter for the duration of a training session.
  2. Stage Presence. You will gain a complex understanding of how to effectively execute in your domain (aka the stage); while exercising positive body language, deliberate motion and other techniques.
  3. Leadership. When 30 – 300 business minded professionals are listening to your every word, you are their leader. Embracing and executing the principles of leadership are essential in developing as a superior trainer.
  4. Podcast Proficiency. Mastering Podcasts is a key component to improving overall training skills and it also builds your brand.
  5. Sales. As a Certified Soft Skills Trainer, you will uncover the secrets to building and transferring confidence in your audience members to the point they enthusiastically embrace everything you’re promoting
  6. Content Creation. In addition to having access to our curriculum, you will also learn how to create your own; using our strategies and instructional models.
  7. Preparation and Follow Up. Commonly called “before and after”, these skills help your audience remain connected long after the training sessions have concluded.
  8. Effective Use of Visual Aids. Audiences need more than power point presentations and your grasp of the concepts surrounding effective use of props will help you and your audience enjoy every moment of training.
  9. Content Delivery. It’s not just what we say; it’s how we say it that contributes to leaving a lasting impression on the audience. You will grasp the complexities of this technique.
  10. Culture Building. Certified soft skills trainers positively impact culture and you’ll learn the nuances of how to effectively create amazing environments for your audience and your teams.

Tips for Excellence Trainers’ Expectations 

Excelling as a Certified Trainer with Success Training Institute is gratifying in many ways. Your approach to the training will determine how you and your team excel personally and professionally. Consider the following tips:

Value the Opportunity. Proving to yourself and others that you can excel as a corporate trainer is requires an appreciation for the opportunity and the challenges that accompany the opportunity. Therefore, embrace your journey with us and strive to join the elite team of trainers that represent our company.

Become Technically Sound. Leveraging your creativity and charisma should always complement your ability to deliver training according to the company guidelines. Deviating drastically from the technical elements of Simply Success training methods is sure to lessen your effectiveness. By focusing on and mastering the details, you will become better at your craft.

Give Maximum Effort. Hitting the minimum goals may be very easy for you – but pushing yourself to go further than you or the company expects is always the best option. Exceed expectations for Building a Team, Referring Corporate Leads, Selling the Retail Products and Executing the Techniques to Become an Effective Trainer.

Earn Certifications. Becoming a product of the product is a critical element in achieving success. Therefore, earn certifications, complete assessments and continue improving yourself and you grow your business.

Have Fun! Owning your own business can be a lot of things and fun is at the top of the list. When people experience your enthusiasm for what you do, they will want to discover how they can be a part; which means even more success for you!

Company Expectations

You can count on us to:

  • Train You. Of course, we’re an online training company. You will receive access to training podcasts, videos, power points and more. You will also receive Initial and Ongoing Training.
  • Reward You. Commissions for the sales you make, bonuses for exceeding expectations and the opportunity to work in other capacities (Post Certification) are just a few of the rewards that await you.
  • Support You. Our administrative team is available to answer questions. Our corporate team is available to work the business leads you refer, and our IT team makes sure you have access to all the digital resources you need to thrive as a Platinum Member with us.
  • Showcase You. Once you successfully complete your training and continue your ongoing training requirements, you may qualify for our Platinum Trainers’ Circle. This elite team is featured on company training videos, selected to attend exclusive events and dispatched to facilitate live training sessions. You may become one of the “Faces of Success” our company endorses in its publications and promotional materials. Other qualifications apply, contact an authorized company representative for more details.

Simply Success

Course Overview

This content is for Platinum Trainers Only…  Click here to upgrade your membership.

  • Soft Skills Focus: Leadership
  • Live Lesson Focus: Setting Audience Expectations
  • Podcast Focus: Introduction to Podcasting
  • Assignment One: Review Research Reports on Soft Skills found on Company Website and Conduct Independent Research to Learn More About the Rise and Necessity of Soft Skills Training
  • Assignment Two: Login to Your Back Office to Gain Familiarity with the System. Use the Invite Feature to Invite Friends to Experience Soft Skills Training Courses.
  • Assignment Three: Create a User Profile in Your Back Office by Accessing the Group Features. Professionally Connect with Other Trainees through the System.

Targeted Completion Time for Section One: 7-10 Days

  • Soft Skills Focus: Team Building
  • Live Lesson Focus: Making the Most of Each Concept
  • Podcast Focus: Growing Your Podcast Skills
  • Assignment One: Select Your Favorite Simply Success Promotional Video from the Back Office
  • Assignment Two: Add Commercial to Your LinkedIn and Other Social Media Timelines

Targeted Completion Time for Section One: 7-10 Days

  • Soft Skills Focus: Time Management
  • Live Lesson Focus: Personalizing the Training Experience
  • Podcast Focus: Dissecting the Podcast Process
  • Assignment One: Opt into Daily Podcast by Texting MYSUCCESS to 41-411 and rate the podcast you hear (on 1-5 scale; with 5 being best) in the following categories: Energy, Originality, Delivery
  • Assignment Two: Submit Your Testimonial About Your Experience with Simply Success Thus Far
  • All Assignments Can Be Submitted Through the System

Targeted Completion Time for Section One: 7-10 Days

  • Soft Skills Focus: Winning Attitude
  • Live Lesson Focus: Effective Use of Relatable Stories
  • Podcast Focus: Pursuing Podcast Excellence
  • Assignment One: Submit One Blog (through the system) on the following Topic: The Professional and Personal Impact of Soft Skills. (200 words maximum)
  • Assignment Two: Identify and Submit Two Industries that Could Use Soft Skills Training to Improve Customer Service

Targeted Completion Time for Section One: 7-10 Days

  • Soft Skills Focus: Sales
  • Live Lesson Focus: Marinating Audience Connectivity
  • Podcast Focus: Leveraging Podcasts as A Marketing Tool
  • Assignment One: Attend A Networking Event to Expand Your Professional Network
  • Assignment Two: Focus on Adding Ten New People to Your Circle from the Event You Attend and Connect with the Ten on LinkedIn

Targeted Completion Time for Section One: 7-14 Days

  • Soft Skills Focus: Conflict Resolution
  • Live Lesson Focus: Finishing Strong
  • Podcast Focus: Podcasting as A Client Retention Tool
  • Assignment One: Submit Three Ideas or Strategies You Believe Simply Success can implement that will impact your growth
  • Assignment Two: Submit your request to co-host a live webinar with members of Platinum Trainers’ Circle and or Company Executives. Send request through the system or email admin office.

Targeted Completion Time for Section One: 7-14 Days

  • Soft Skills Focus: Positive Body Language, Focus
  • Live Lesson Focus: Stage Presence
  • Podcast Focus: Podcast Consistency
  • Assignment One: Conduct One Webinar/ Conference Call to Articulate One Soft Skills Concept to Others in Live Settings. Fifteen Minutes Maximum (including Q and A; if applicable)
  • Assignment Two: Record the Call or Webinar and Submit to Corporate Office: admin@simplysuccess.com

Average Time to Complete Week Seven Assignments: 4 Hours

  • Soft Skills Focus: Entrepreneurial Excellence
  • Live Lesson Focus: Audience Engagement:
  • Podcast Focus: Podcast as A Tool for Client Engagement
  • Assignment One: Select Props You Would Use in Training Session and Why? Submit Answers Through the System
  • Assignment Two: Identify Two Ways You Will Keep Audiences Engaged Over a Half Day Training Session.

Targeted Completion Time for Section One: 7-10 Days

  • Soft Skills Focus: Trust and Transparency
  • Live Lesson Focus: Staying on Track
  • Podcast Focus: Podcasts as a Tool to Build Your Brand
  • Assignment One: Record One, Five Minute Soft Skills Podcast Using SIPS Instructional Method; submit recording to admin@simplysuccess.com
  • Assignment Two: Listen to A Podcasts of Another Trainee and Offer Feedback. Connect Through Group Feature in System

Targeted Completion Time for Section One: 7-14 Days

  • Soft Skills Focus: Prospecting/Negotiating
  • Live Training Focus: Integrating Your Personality
  • Podcasts Focus: Podcast to Boost Morale
  • Assignment One: Prepare an 8 Minute Lesson Using SIPS Instructional Method on any Soft Skills Topic and Submit Through the System (maximum 750 Words)
  • Assignment Two: Review and Critique One of Your Peer Trainees Work Prior to Submission through the System

Targeted Completion Time for Section One: 7-14 Days

  • Soft Skills Focus: Effective Decision Making/Goal Setting
  • Live Training Focus: Creativity Counts
  • Podcast Focus: Practicing Live Podcast Sessions
  • Assignment One: Prepare 15 Minute Lesson Using the STI Curriculum as a Foundation; record if possible
  • Assignment Two: Select Appropriate Props for the Lesson and Review the Work of One of Your Peer Trainees.

Targeted Completion Time for Section One: 7-14 Days

  • Soft Skills Focus: Overcoming Objections; Professional Development
  • Live Training Focus: The Closing Act
  • Podcast Focus: Leveraging Podcasts to Expand Your Following
  • Assignment One: Upload A Testimonial of How the Training Has Benefited You Personally and Professionally
  • Assignment Two: Rehearse Your Presentation and Record it Via Webinar and Submit to admin@simplysuccess.com
  • Assignment Three: Make Plans to Attend Live Showcase to Fine Tune Presentation Skills

Targeted Completion Time for Section One: 7-14 Days

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