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Simply Success Internship

Applicable to All Majors | 3 Month-12 Month Outline
Spring, Summer, Fall 2018 | Updated 01-08-2018

Internships with Simply Success are designed to increase student career readiness through the enhancement of soft skills. As an intern, you will learn leadership, time management, conflict resolution and team building skills to name a few. Through interfacing with those in your circle of influence, your sales and presentation skills will grow as you offer membership subscriptions to reach and exceed individual and team sales goals.

You will also gain first-hand experience in interfacing with business leaders in your local community by attending networking functions as a representative of Simply Success.
Additionally, you will have the opportunity to earn soft skills certifications in numerous areas that are critical to personal and professional success.

Finally, your satisfactory completion of all requirements as an Intern will open the door for someone less fortunate to receive complimentary access to soft skills training through our Global Success Initiative. Therefore, we urge you to make the most of this extraordinary opportunity

Key Learning Objectives

  1. Leadership. You will grasp the internal and external aspects of leadership by creating a set of performance standards for yourself and, as you advance, others you add to your team.
  2. Networking. You will gain a complex understanding of how to effectively connect with professionals from all backgrounds. This includes how to break the ice and schedule follow-up business meetings.
  3. Sales. You will be introduced to the art of selling yourself, effectively selling products and services and selling the company’s mission of social entrepreneurship.
  4. Time Management. You will learn how to effectively manage daily and weekly schedules to achieve performance objectives.
  5. Social Responsibility. You will gain an in depth understanding of the dynamics of helping others in your community; particularly those less fortunate.
  6. Independent Thinking/Working. Your proficiency in operating independently will increase with this internship as you will be given the latitude to make suggestions and potentially implement the plans you create.
  7. Improved Emotional Intelligence. You will grow in this critical area by gaining knowledge of what motivates and discourages you and those around you.
  8. Critical Thinking/Problem Solving. You will learn how to dissect challenges independently and develop solutions for complex business problems.
  9. Follow Up Skills. You will grow in the knowledge and execution of effectively keeping track of current and potential clients.
  10. Goal Setting /Achievement. You will gain an understanding of how to reach for the loftiest goals and construct strategies to make them attainable.

Rules for Excellence (Interns’ Responsibilities)

The rules for this Internship are simple and, if followed, will almost assure your success, not only with this Internship but in other aspects of your professional career.

  • Value the Opportunity. Internships are special opportunities to prove to yourself and others that you can excel in the business world. Therefore, make the most of your time with Simply Success and leverage this opportunity to position yourself for post collegiate success.
  • Follow Instructions. We want you to be creative. We also want you to do what expected. Follow this outline to the letter and then add your own flavor.
  • Give Maximum Effort. Hitting the minimum goals may be very easy for you – but pushing yourself to go further than you or the company expects is always the best option. Choose it!
  • Earn Certifications. Adding soft skills certifications to your resume is a plus. The classes are eight minutes or less, can be taken at your own pace and it is the product you will offer others. Therefore, lead by example and get certified.
  • Have Fun! College is supposed to be fun and this Internship is too. It may be the last time you get enjoy what you do and earn money too! Hopefully not – but just saying.

Company Responsibilities

You can count on us to:

  • Train You. Of course, we’re an online training company. You will receive access to training podcasts, videos, power points and more. You will receive Initial and Ongoing Training.
  • Reward You. Commissions for the sales you make, bonuses for exceeding expectations and the opportunity to work in other capacities (Post Internship) are just a few of the rewards that await you.
  • Support You. Our administrative team is available to answer questions. Our corporate team is available to work the business leads you refer and our IT team makes sure you have access to all the digital resources you need to thrive as an Intern with us.
  • Recommend You. Once you successfully complete your Internship, you can always list us as a reference and or request a Letter of Recommendation. We will gladly assist.

Length of Internship/ Work Assignment

You can opt to work as an Intern for 3, 6, 9, or 12 months. All work assignments are continuous and a minimum of three consecutive months is required.

Equal Opportunity

Success Training Institute (aka Simply Success, aka STI), is committed to offering all Interns a professional, collaborative Internship that promotes diversity and offers equal opportunities to Interns regardless of race, class, culture, religion, gender, sexual identity, and/or physical ability.

Week One: (Minimum Sales Objective for This Week: N/A)

  • Complete On-boarding and Training (Online)
  • Take First Two 8 Minute Soft Skills Classes
  • Notify 10 Friends/Family Members of Your New Role with STI (via e-mail or in message).
  • Review Research Reports/Articles on Soft Skills from Company Website and Others Resources.

Average Time to Complete Week One Assignments: 5 Hours

Week Two: (Minimum Sales Objective for This Week = 1)

  • Listen to the Daily Podcast
  • Conduct One, 10 Minute Conference Call with A Potential Soft Skills Retail Client from Your Existing Circle.
  • Select Your Favorite Simply Success 30 Second Promo Commercial from Your Intern Portal
  • Add Commercial to Your Facebook Timeline
  • Submit Recommendation for Tag Line and or Theme for A New Commercial to admin@simplysuccess.com
  • Take Next Two 8 Minute Soft Skills Training Classes
  • Introduce Internship Opportunity to 5 Friends and Invite them to Apply

Average Time to Complete Week Two Assignments: 3 Hours

Week Three: (Minimum Sales Objective for This Week = 2)

  • Identify A Local Non-Profit Organization You Would Select as A Recipient of the Global Success Initiative Grants.
    o Refer to the Non-Profit Eligibility List in Your Portal
  • Contact Your Circle to Identify One Business (of any size) that They Feel Would Be a Great Candidate for Soft Skills Training and Development for Its Employees
  • Take Next Three, 8 Minute Soft Skills Training Classes
  • Listen to One, 8 Minute Audio Training Podcast
  • Send Link to Simply Success Intern PowerPoint to 15 Friends; Inviting Them to Apply
  • Complete and Submit Progress Form Online

Average Time to Complete Week Three Assignments: 3 Hours

Week Four: (Minimum Sales Objective for This Week = 2)

  • Follow Up with All Prospects
  • Send Thank You Notes to All Your New Clients
  • Post Latest Videos, Blogs and or Promotional Ads to Your Facebook Timeline
  • Invite 5 New Students to View Internship PowerPoint
  • Write and Submit an Overview of How Soft Skills Has Impacted You Personally and Professionally (150 Words Maximum) via the Online Form
  • Take Next Three, 8 Minute Soft Skills Classes
  • Update CRM by Adding 20 New Prospective Retail Clients and 2 New Corporate/Business Clients.
  • Reach Out to 7 “Primary Target” Companies on Facebook; Regarding Soft Skills Using in Message Templates Provided

Average Time to Complete Week Four Assignments: 4 Hours

Week Five: (Minimum Sales Objective for This Week = 1)

  • Identify Your Local Chamber of Commerce and Set Date to Attend a Networking Function (having approved company business cards recommended but not required).
  • Take Next Two, 8 Minute Soft Skills Classes
  • Network with 10 Business Professionals from Various industries; Collecting Business Cards from Each
  • Update CRM by Adding 20 New Prospective Retail Clients and 5 New Corporate/Business Clients.
  • Send All New Contacts Marketing Information on Simply
  • Success and Invite them to Take Demo Course
  • Add All New Business Contacts as Connections on Facebook

Avg. Time to Complete Week Five Assignments: 5 Hours

Week Six: (Sales Objective for This Week = 2)

  • Make E-Mail Contact with Non -Profits and Send Overview of the Global Success Initiative
  • Take Next Three, 8 Minute Leadership Classes
  • Connect with 20 New “Primary Target” Companies via Facebook and Send Standard Correspondence from Templates.
  • Submit Three Ideas or Strategies You Believe Simply Success nan implement that will impact company growth
  • Follow Up with All Prospects in CRM
  • Update CRM by Adding 20 New Prospective Retail Clients and 5 New Corporate/Business Clients.
  • Listen to One, 8 Minute Audio Training Podcast
  • Complete and Submit Progress Form Online

Avg. Time to Complete Week Six Assignments: 4 Hours

Week Seven: (Sales Objective for This Week = 3)

  • Schedule First Soft Skills Group Presentation Following Guidelines from Training
  • Identify and Execute Two Strategies to Engage Your Group (Audience)
  • Take Next Three, 8 Minute Soft Skills Classes
  • Follow Up with All Referrals in Your CRM
  • Conduct One Presentation via Phone/Webinar with Member of Your Circle (Following Training Guidelines)
  • Identify Three Businesses in Your Area That Are Candidates for Soft Skills Training Programs (Refer to Training Guidelines)
  • Reach Out to Selected Businesses via E-Mail and Send Demo Once Interest Is Established
  • 20 New Prospective Retail Clients and 5 New Corporate/Business Clients.

Average Time to Complete Week Seven Assignments: 4 Hours

Week Eight: (Sales Objective = 3 Subscriptions)

  • Record and Submit Mock Group Presentation via Online System (15 Minutes Max)
  • Request Feedback from Existing Clients on Training Programs via Email
  • Identify One High School in Your Area to Serve as A Recipient for Soft Skills Training Scholarships
  • Follow Selection Criteria Guidelines and Submit to School Counselors via E-Mail.
  • Take Next Three, 8 Minute Soft Skills Training Classes
  • Update CRM 20 New Prospective Retail Clients and 5 New Corporate/Business Clients.
  • Follow Up with Connections on Facebook via In Message Templates
  • Complete and Submit Progress Form Online

Average Time to Complete Week Eight Assignments: 4 Hours

Week Nine: (Retail Sales Objective = 3 Subscriptions)

  • Take Online Soft Skills Challenge (Back Office)
  • Identify Two Organizations in Your Area That You Believe Are Great Candidates for Soft Skills Training
  • Write, Upload and Submit via Back Office One Paragraph (200 Words Maximum) on the Impact of Soft Skills on Your Professional Career
    – Add Post to Facebook Timeline and Include Links to Simply Success and or Your Personal Simply Success Page
  • Complete and Submit Progress Report online
  • Update CRM by Adding 20 New Prospective Retail Clients and 5 New Corporate/Business Clients.
  • Follow Up with All Prospective Contacts

Average Time to Complete Week Nine Assignments: 4 Hours

Week Ten: (Retail Sales Objective = 3 Subscriptions)

  • Record and Upload Your 15 – 30 Second Soft Skills Commercial/Testimonial
  • Add 10 New Retail Prospects to Your CRM and 2 Business Contacts
  • Follow Up with All Contacts in CRM (Including Referrals)
  • Identify the Top Two Sales Methods and or Strategies That Have Worked Best for You Thus Far
  • Follow Up with All New Prospects on Facebook
  • Take Next Three, 8 Minute Soft Skills Classes
  • Complete and Submit Progress Form Online

Average Time to Complete Week Ten Assignments: 4 Hours

Week Eleven: (Retail Sales Objective = 3 Subscriptions)

  • Review Exit Interview Questions and Prepare Responses
  • List Two Ways You Can Leverage Social Media to Boost Company Visibility and Sales and Upload to System
  • Fill Out and Submit Group Presentation Form (Once Group Presentation is Completed)
  • Make Phone or E-Mail Contact with 10 of Your Referrals and Send Each the Demo Course Online
  • Take Next Three, 8 Minute Soft Skills Training Classes
  • Invite 5 New College Students to Apply for the Internship – Send Power Point Once Interest is Established

Average Time to Complete Week Eleven Assignments: 4 Hours

Week Twelve: (Retail Sales Objective = N/A)

  • Complete and Submit Final Online Exit Interview
  • Take Final Two, 8 Minute Soft Skills Training Classes
  • Complete and Submit the Online Performance Evaluation Form – Calculate Final Internship Grade
  • Request Recommendation Letter (Allow 3 – 4 Weeks for Electronic Delivery)
  • Follow Up with All Prospects in CRM
  • Complete Form to Continue Internship (If Applicable)
  • Send Thank You E-Mails or In Messages to All Clients and Referral Sources

Average Time to Complete Week Eleven Assignments: 4 Hours

Internship Scoring System

Retail Sales15 Points per Sale
Referring Other Interns12 Points per Referral
Qualified Corporate/Business Referrals10 Points per Referral
Soft Skills Certificates10 Points per Certificate
Updating CRM Weekly7 Points per Week
Closed Business Deals20 Points per Deal
Completing Facebook Page12 Points
Completing All Weekly Assignments5 Points Per Occurrence
Meeting Weekly Sales Goals20 Points Per Occurrence
Top Regional Sales Producer100 Points

Minimum Points to Complete Internship 450 Points

Support Team Information

General Contact Information


800.975.5457 – Office

Support Contact Information
800.975.5457 Office

The Success Syllabus is designed to assist college interns in achieving MAXIMUM business development goals with our company. However, many students may not have the time to complete all the requirements outlined in this document and still want the advantages of a virtual internship. For those students, please refer to the minimum requirements for internship completion listed below:

Minimum Number of Soft Skills Certifications Earned = 1 Certificate in Any Course
Minimum Number of Sales of Soft Skills Training Memberships = 4
Minimum Number of Students Referred to Join the Virtual Internship Program = 6
Minimum Number of Business Referrals = 2
Minimum Number of Local Business Networking Functions Attended = 1

These goals can be completed over the courses of the 12 or 24 Week Internship Cycle.
The Points system does not apply to interns seeking to complete the minimum guidelines.
Please contact your Regional Director with any questions or feedback.

Many college students who are accepted into the Simply Success Virtual Internship Program are not sure who will serve as their potential clients; this is a common question that has an easy answer: Start with Your Circle. Stick with Your Circle. Expand Your Circle.

Start with Your Circle

Think of all the people you know. Amongst your friends and family members, there are five primary categories:

Job Seekers/ Career Climbers – Those in your circle who are looking for better employment situations. Simply Success Soft Skills Certifications can boost employment resumes; increasing the chances of securing a new job or promotion.

Parents of High School Students – Those in your circle who want their children to become more well-rounded before going off to college. Simply Success Soft Skills Training Certifications can also boost collegiate resumes.

Business Owners/ Corporate Decision Makers – Those in your circle who own or make human resources decisions for companies. Simply Success Soft Skills Training has been proven to increase retention, morale, and productivity in the workforce. Simply Success can also benefit independent business owners in gaining the skills they need to run their home-based or small business.

Community Advocates – Those in your circle who promote the advancement of the less fortunate members of society. Simply Success Soft Skills Training Scholarships are awarded to the underprivileged members of the community after paying customers earn their first certificate in any category.

Parents of College Students – Because of the intense competition for jobs in the modern workforce, college students need every advantage. Simply Success Soft Skills Training Memberships are a great way for parents to help their college students enhance the degrees they worked so hard to earn.

Targeting these groups within your circle of friends and family will lead to referrals that will cause your circle to expand; this means new opportunities to promote the soft skills training platform offered by Success Training Institute.


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