Boost Student Outcomes and Confidence

Mobile Friendly, Video Based Soft Skills Training Customized to Suit Your Needs. 

Soft Skills Training Courses

Certified for Success

Conflict Resolution, Time Management, Leadership and Effective Decision Making are just a few of the certifications your students can earn to enhance their college and or career readiness. Our mobile friendly, video-based certification courses complement the hectic lifestyles of your student population. In less than 8 minutes per day, they can gain the competencies needed to excel in and out of the classroom. Schedule a free consultation today!
Soft Skills Training Courses

Boost Student Outcomes

Attendance, behavior, test scores and morale are all impacted by emotional intelligence. Our soft skills training platforms are designed to elevate emotional intelligence amongst students; which increases morale and productivity. Expect to see measurable gains after only a few completed courses. The pre and post assessments, individualized learning plans, 24/7 online chat features and gamification tools are just a few of the resources your students will have access to as they achieve goals like never before.
Soft Skills Training Courses

Community Impact

Students who complete the certification programs with Simply Success will trigger a scholarship for less fortunate members of their communities. This includes disabled veterans, victims of domestic violence and adults living below the poverty line. As students understand the far-reaching impact of their efforts, they’re even more encouraged to better themselves. Imagine an entire student body working together to improve their communities as they improve themselves!

Full Time Or Part Time, Enhance Your Culture in No Time!

Simply Success can provide online training that brings video instruction, assignments, assessments, and conversations into a single platform accessible on any mobile device, tablet, PC, or browser.