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The Miracle of Mentorship Project Introduction

The Miracle of Mentorship


For many of America's youth between the ages of 16 and 24, college is a major part of their lives. Some are deciding on what university they'll attend after high school. Others are adjusting to life on campus; while many are graduating with Bachelor's degrees or better. However, there is a growing segment of the population that may never have the opportunity to pursue post-secondary education due to the impact of extreme poverty on their lives.

According to studies conducted by Psychology Today, poverty impedes cognitive function; creating numerous social and emotional deficiencies that make it difficult to succeed in the modern workforce. These impairments include: poor decision making, low self-esteem, inability to work effectively with others and difficulty managing stress. Because of this growing crisis, state agencies known as Local Workforce Investment Boards assist these disadvantaged populations. Commonly referred to as unemployment offices, these Local Workforce Boards specialize in offering training programs to youth between the ages of 16 - 24.

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) is a federally funded program that sends money to the Local Workforce Boards for the purpose of assisting disadvantaged youth. These programs include mentorship and leadership and other courses offered by Success Training Institute.

The Miracle of Mentorship

Mentorship has been proven to elevate emotional competencies amongst WIOA Youth participants. That's where our interns get the opportunity to play a role. Your assignment is to record a video to these young men and women to give them the encouragement they need to complete the government programs.

Elements of the Mentorship Video 

Record a 3 - 5 Minute Video to the Youth Participants that includes the following:

  • Introduction of Yourself and the University You're Attending
  • Your Major Field of Study
  • Your Aspirations Post Graduation
  • The Steps You Use to Overcome Adversity
  • Why It Is Important for them to Complete their Soft Skills Training programs through Success Training Institute
  • How the Soft Skills Courses Have Benefited You
  • Your Words Of Encouragement to Them as They Look to Improve their Lives and Career Opportunities

Video Elements

  • Clean Background
  • Clear Sound
  • Relatable to the WIOA Youth Participants (ages 16 - 24)
  • Creativity

Cash Bonuses Available After Completion 

  • $150 Bonus for Best Video (Sound Quality, Lighting, Clean Background and Overall Message)
  • $150 Bonus for Most Encouraging Message (As Determined By Select Case Managers of LWIB)
  • $100 Project Payment for All Videos that Meet Criteria Outlined Above (Maximum One Video per Person)