The Pandemic is over. Now what? By:Angeline Forestal

The Pandemic is over. Now what?

Angeline Forestal


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It feels like yesterday when Covid-19 spread around the world three years ago. Honestly so much has happened since then. Countries went into lockdown. Everything shut down from schools to businesses. In the United States, schools had to switch to remote learning to maintain social distancing. The style of learning in person was different from learning online. You couldn’t interact with your peers because of the virus spreading. 

When the pandemic happened, I was junior in high school getting ready to become a senior. It was a total mess. With all my classes being online, it was so hard to keep up the pace and learn how to really study for them. I had to learn how manage my time having all of my classes online. Time management was a soft skill I had to use. I’m sure my friends and many other students felt the same way about school being entirely online. 

Let’s get into the aftermath of it all. A lack of socialization was one of the biggest impacts the pandemic had on me and my fellow high school students. We spent a couple of years staying isolated and it feels like people don’t really know how to interact with each other. As if it doesn’t come naturally. The whole thing feels like a huge pause from 2019 to now.  According to the University of Cambridge, “New evidence shows that school closures during the COVID-19 pandemic have “severely ruptured” the social and emotional development of some of the world’s poorest children, as well as their academic progress”

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