West Coast Bible College and Seminary Names New Chancellor

Dr. Janice Porter has been elected by the president of West Coast Bible College and Seminary as the institution’s new Chancellor. Janice is a lifelong educator who has previous experience in all facets of secondary education, including achieving the position of Principal and key Administrator of the district’s non-traditional educational system; a role she held for over fifteen years.  Porter’s experiences also include working with numerous Boards; to name a few: the ISD 191 Board of Education, Cedar Riverside Board of Education, Executive Board at her Church, and various community stakeholders for the betterment of all learners.   


As chancellor, Janice Porter will focus on building relationships with churches across the country to connect pastors, ministers and other leaders to the online educational resources offered by WCBCS. “I’ve been in the education industry all my life and having the opportunity to empower others through Christian degree programs is truly a dream come true,” she stated. “We will make a positive, sustainable impact for churches seeking affordable options to empower the communities they serve.”


Janice Porter has authored numerous books on how families thrive by working together and now gets to put those principles to the test as she works alongside her husband of more than 30 years who is the current president of West Coast. “Phillip and I are not only used to working with each other, we’re very good at it,” she added. “We’re actually more effective when we are both focused on the same goal and I’m extremely excited for us to dedicate our collective energies to taking West Coast to new heights.” 


WCBCS offers degree programs from Associates to Doctorate, and all video based, online courses are accessible from any smartphone or laptop. Janice anticipates church leaders will be more excited about enrolling in Honorary Degree programs. “We are on a mission to help accomplished professionals gain the ministerial recognition they deserve,” said Porter. “Our robust platform and comprehensive programs are designed to place them on a fast track to achieving the highest levels of academic success.”


Dr. Janice Porter has also crafted the Family Success Certification Courses that can be accessed on the West Coast platform, which empowers families to build core social and emotional competencies required to foster healthy familial relationships. 


Learn more about West Coast Bible College and Seminary by accessing the link below: http://mywestcoast.org/