What’s new? Virtual Internships?

What’s new? Virtual Internships?


Angeline Forestal

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Life of a college student. It can be hectic. Many of us students are taking classes full time while probably working at a part time job. Some of us also doing activities outside of college such as clubs, sororities, or volunteering. On top of that, you have to look for internships!

We all know that internships look great on a resume. It will show future employers that you can handle such tasks and responsibilities. Internships help you gain the skills you will need in a career. There are so many internships out there! Many internship programs, however, require you to commute to the location where the internship is. Many college students don’t have reliable transportation to commute on site or to certain jobs. This issue shouldn’t stop students from progressing in their early part of their career pathway. That’s where the virtual internship program at Success Training Institute comes in!

The virtual internship program at Success Training Institute provides a program are internships you complete remotely and entirely online. This is a great thing because many other internships require you to commute! This program provide flexibility. What do I mean by this? At standard internships, there are schedules that are set where come into work. It’s basically like a job schedule, where you come in a specific time, and where you leave at a certain time. With Success Training Institute, there is not set schedule as you make you own. This is beneficial for students, because online internships that offer flexibility can fit easily into a one’s schedule.  According to this statement, “Just over a third, 36% of those placed through Virtual Internships are subsequently offered a job with company, with most of these positions also remote.” (Morrison).

Remote internships can offer the same opportunities as in person internships. As an intern with Success Training Institute, this internship has provided me with so much experience including online soft skills training. Soft skills are interpersonal skills. People Skills. Some examples of interpersonal skills are communication, leadership, and listening skills. These are skills that employers mainly look for in a candidate. Success Training Institute is a company that provides soft skills training through its program online at SimplySuccess.com. The program contains variety of courses that go over the different interpersonal skills. The courses contain videos that relate to the curriculum, along with a few mini quizzes. These videos are 8 minutes or less. If an individual completes a course, they earn a certification for that course they took. This program can be used as a steppingstone to help an individual develop skills the need to navigate their path in their career.  This program is very beneficial when it comes to applying for internships as college student. I recommend other college students join Simply Success today!