Curing Conflict Management Mary Alston Whitaker

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Curing Conflict Management

Mary Alston Whitaker 



Conflict management is an essential soft skill for both the workplace and life. No one is exempt from conflicts arising in their lives. Being able to confront and deal with these conflicts will benefit you in so many ways. Conflict creates a large amount of anxiety and, in extreme cases, even depression. Conflict management is key to saving your mental health and possibly your job. 


Conflict management is especially promoted in the workplace because studies have found that “85% of employees deal with conflict in their working lives.” People can have conflict because of many different things. Conflict can be because of personalities not mixing, a work issue that is not agreed upon, or not being able to compromise. All can be resolved if both parties are willing to meet in the middle. Compromise is key when dealing with conflict and the parties have to be willing to give up something for the resolution.


Conflict can also stem from poor management. If a company is not well managed then the people will feel lost and frantic. Proper management is important when it comes to conflict management. The leader can be a mediator for the issue in question. Lack of authority leads to lack of opportunity for workers. A good leader will help those with conflict in the workplace. Getting conflict management certified can help you greatly in reducing issues.


Conflict does not only effect mental health in the workplace but also financial aspects. Statistics have discovered that it “costs U.S. companies an estimated $359 billion annually” due to conflict. When there is enough conflict in the workplace employees will either resign or internalize the issue. Ways to help with conflict management can be actively listening, analyzing the issue, and find a compromise that will suit all parties involved.


Gaining the right knowledge to deal with conflict properly is crucial. Success Training institute has been a saving grace when helping me get certified for soft skills. It is very easy to navigate and is a video-based curriculum. At simpysucess.com you are able to get certified for conflict management in 8 minutes or less!