Independent Corporate Accounts Manager
Flexible Schedules, Work Remotely, Gain Experience, Earn Money!
Included in the Platinum Training Membership

Take Your Sales Skills to the Next Level

Success Training Institute™ is pleased to announce a new opportunity for current and aspiring sales professionals to grow their incomes with the power of corporate deals. By becoming an Independent Corporate Accounts Manager (ICAM) with STI, you can offer soft skills training to the businesses and corporations in your circle and, when the deals are closed, you will be eligible to receive commissions. There is no cap on how much you can earn and training is provided.

Become A Certified ICAM

If you feel you have what it takes to present our cutting edge soft skills training programs to HR Managers, Business Owners, Leaders of Non Profit Organizations and or Corporate Executives, don’t miss the opportunity to get certified. Only those who successfully complete the certification course are eligible to become ICAMs. Once certified, you can begin reaching out to those in your business circles the very next day.

To register for the specialized training course, you must complete an application and the training details will be sent to you once your application is approved.

Did You Know?

Corporations spend more than $500 Billion per year on training and development for employees. Soft Skills training is in high demand. It’s your time to capitalize on this rapidly growing market!

Benefits of ICAM Program

There are many benefits to becoming an Independent Corporate Accounts Manager with Success Training Institute™.  Once certified, here are a few of the benefits you will enjoy:

  • Opportunity for Larger Commissions – Most companies have a budget for training their employees and the larger the account you refer the larger your commissions will be when the deal is closed.
  • Access to Additional Tools and Resources – You will be able to send prospective clients marketing materials, sales tools, and demo credentials to increase chances of closing the deals. You will also have the support of the STI Corporate Team.
  • Ongoing Training – ICAMs will have access to special training courses. This includes live training, conference calls, and online video training. This will keep your skills sharp and increase your opportunities for success.
  • Referrals – Many business owners in your circle will refer you to other company leaders once they become clients. Giving you the opportunity to close even more deals.
  • Added Credibility – Most companies are receptive to new training opportunities. They have budgets for training and are looking for the best options. Your position as an ICAM may encourage decision makers in your circle to contact you for training solutions.
  • Significance – Because Success Training Institute™ offers a true one to one match, ICAMs will be able to add more value to the companies they serve as each employee that earns a certificate will open the door for someone less fortunate to do the same.

This certification is available to Success Training Institute Platinum Members only. To become a Platinum Member and access this certification course, click the enroll now below.

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