Teen Success Academy

Teen Success Academy (TSA)

Simply Success is pleased to announce its Teen Success Academy. This program is designed for high school students who want to gain real world business experience, earn extra money and develop personally and professionally. This program is 100 percent online as students can apply, interview, complete orientation and work assignments from anywhere in the US.

Gain Real World Experience

Those who participate in the TSA will be given a detailed outline of weekly work assignments. Forty-five percent of the US workforce get the opportunity to work remotely and that number is rising. Therefore, giving your child a chance to do the same offers experience that not only looks great on a college or work resume but prepares him or her for life after graduation.

Students who participate will hone their interpersonal skills as they will have the opportunity to make sales presentations to those in their circles and earn commission for offering credible educational and professional development programs to their family and friends. They will have the opportunity to multi – task, gain time management skills and much more. Those who excel can also earn a full scholarship to attend West Coast Bible College and Seminary.

Grow Personally and Professionally

The summer months are typically the least productive for high school students. Many spend the day sleeping and the nights hanging out with friends, playing video games or engulfed in social media. You can ensure your sons and daughters are growing personally and professionally with the Teen Success Academy. They will earn soft skills certifications in Team Building, Time Management, Conflict Resolution and much more. They will have weekly activities to keep them focused and productive and they can earn money to use any way they (or you) choose.

Students who take full advantage of the program will see positive changes in their attitude, attention to detail and work ethic to name a few. Make the decision to enroll your teenager in the program that truly changes lives.

Access to Mentorship

Positive role models are becoming harder and harder to find. Students enrolled in the Teen Success Academy will have an abundance of positive influences. Each day they will receive inspirational podcasts from business and or community leaders who are committed to their advancement.

They will have access to books and other materials written by successful men and women that have achieved the success they desire one day. Top students in the program will have the opportunity to interview some of these leaders giving them a chance to ask questions of and receive answers from people who have achieved greatness the right way.

Earn Extra Cash

Students enrolled in the Teen Success Academy can earn money by selling educational products and services to the adults in their peer and family circles. They will receive training on the products and how to make an effective presentation. They will also have the opportunity to build teams and receive bonuses for their individual and team success. Best of all they can earn cash without the expense and time of driving to and from an office each day.

Boost College/Career Resumes

Work experience always looks great on a resume and soft skills certifications look even better. At the Teen Success Academy, your child can gain both. Whether applying to West Coast, another institution of higher learning or entering the workforce after high school graduation, the TSA can help make a lasting impact.

Earn College Credit Hours

Those who successfully complete the summer program will be eligible for up to 6 hours of college credit at WCBC. We value the experience your sons and daughters will gain and will reward them in more ways than one.

Scholarship Opportunities

Top performers in the Academy are eligible for full or partial scholarships to WCBC. Imagine the empowerment teenagers will experience knowing their efforts resulted in eliminating or reducing the cost of higher education. Imagine the reduction in expense to you. Details about the criteria for qualifying for scholarships is available after acceptance into the Academy

Apply Today

If you’re interested in enrolling your son or daughter in the Teen Success Academy, simply complete the online registration and reserve your space today. Early bird rates for the Academy are available and space is limited. Payment plans are also available and there are no eligibility requirements for those seeking to make payments over time. We look forward to participating in the growth and professional development of your child!

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Upgrade To a Qualifying Membership

You must have an active Platinum Membership for a minimum of six months to access Teen Success Academy. If you are a Platinum Member of at least six months, please submit your request to enroll your teenager in the program today!