Success Training Institute Develops Online Curriculum for WIOA Youth

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, Success Training Institute has developed, online curriculum that will allow disadvantaged youth to receive training that meets or supports the Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA) Youth objectives. Commonly referred to as the 14 elements, these objectives include leadership skills, entrepreneurial skills, workforce preparation, and financial literacy. Participants will also earn critical soft skills certifications designed to boost emotional intelligence and overall workplace competencies. WIOA Youth participants can access the training from their mobile devices; as stay-at-home orders are in place in most states.

The global pandemic has made online workforce development a necessity for all state agencies that serve those living in poverty. Success Training Institute created the platform to equip local workforce boards with viable online options for WIOA Youth. Complete with Pre and Post Assessments, Individualized Learning Plans and access to user analytics, the platform is a one-stop-shop for the 14 elements. The soft skills certification courses include, Effective Decision Making, Workplace Productivity, Focus, Conflict Resolution, Time Management and many more.

Dr. Melva Williams, Vice-Chancellor of Southern University Shreveport, is an advocate for disadvantaged youth who need help achieving their full potential. “The recent health crisis has forced all state agencies to shift their strategies,” Williams said. Success Training Institute is both a short term and long term solution for equipping disenfranchised groups across the US with the skills that give them a real shot at improving their economic situations.” Workforce commissions will be able to private label the platforms and can even upload its own training content as needed.

Harvard University research concludes; career success is based on well-developed soft skills. Additional studies reveal 8 of 10 employers prefer candidates with soft skills training on their resumes. Success Training Institute has experience in customizing programs for underserved populations and its training methods have proven to be highly effective for youth and adults alike.

All the lessons on the STI platform are broken down into segments of 8 minutes or less. The company’s format has been proven to increase retention and engagement across learning demographics and is especially effective with youth.

Dr. DL Wallace, the Founder and CEO of Success Training Institute is confident that participants will experience impacts that extend beyond the workforce. “Our goal is to provide local workforce boards with viable training solutions during these difficult times,” Wallace stated. “The underprivileged members of our society who are looking to better themselves, need the empowerment of online, customized soft skills training now more than ever before and we’re grateful to do our part.”

About Success Training Institute:

Based in Plano, Texas, Success Training Institute is an industry leading, award winning education technology company. Specializing in soft skills training and emotional intelligence development, the company customizes online learning ecosystems for colleges and universities, school districts, corporations, state agencies and other organizations seeking to boost core social and emotional competencies. The company is also the creator of the SIPS Instructional Method©; which delivers learning in high energy, information rich segments of 8 minutes or less.

To learn more visit: https://14elements.net/14-elements-remote-learning/