Success Training Institute Strives to Empower HBCUs

Success Training Institute Strives to Empower HBCUs

May 8th, 2019 | By Melita Wallace

Historically Black Colleges and Universities (more commonly known as HBCUs) have a significance in our society that many may be unaware of. Originally created to provide a safe space for African Americans to learn during a time when an education was prohibited for them, these schools have a special reputation. A reputation of breaking barriers and defying odds. A reputation of resourcefulness and resilience. A reputation for educating world changers such as W.E.B. Du Bois, Ida B. Wells, Booker T. Washington and Martin Luther King Jr. A reputation for cultivating an environment that honors all the nuances of Black culture and for pushing each student to their full potential of excellence.

Every HBCU holds a powerful piece of history and they continue to impact our country as they currently produce 75% of Black Ph.D.s, 85% of Black physicians and 50% of all Black attorneys in America. Here at Success Training Institute, we realize how critically important these institutions are and we seek to support HBCUs in any way we can! That is why we recently launched our HBCU Initiative.

Our HBCU Initiative strives to equip the faculty, staff and students on each campus with skills that will enable their career to transcend to new heights. Our online Soft Skills training platform ensures that each students’ success doesn’t end after they obtain their degree. Every single industry is yearning for an increase of Soft Skills because these skills are the most future-proof way to insure a career. With automation and artificial intelligence on the rise like never before, our training gives you something special that robots don’t have; Soft Skills.

As one of the most valuable currencies in the job market right now, Soft Skills Certifications will set every student apart from the sea of graduates that they’re up against once they enter the job market. Obtaining a degree is an amazing accomplishment but a career that can boast longevity and upward mobility is a gift that every member of your campus will be forever grateful for. We encourage you to not just generate graduates, but to produce professionals that are equipped with every tool available to them to lead a successful career.

Our first name is Success! We are so passionate about putting your success first and we look forward to the opportunity to add yet another benefit that students can look forward to when they become a member of your campus. Together, we can increase your revenue, recruitment and retention but more importantly, we can partner in transforming the lives on your campus and the many lives that each of them will touch throughout their bright futures.

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