The Need for Soft Skills in High School

By: Andrew Tam 

What subjects have you learned in high school? We all know about the core subjects such as English, Math, Science, and History but what about soft skills? While the core subjects are extremely valuable for any high school student trying to find out what they are passionate and curious about, soft skills are what allow us to excel at those professions and increase our income in the process.

There are not any soft skills classes in our current high school curriculum is an issue that should be discussed as a top priority. Based on research done by the Connections Academy, “92% of employers say that “soft skills” like critical thinking and time management are just as important to getting hired as technical job requirements” (Connections Academy, 2022). Now let’s take a look at the top soft skills certifications provided by SimplySuccess.com that should be taught in a high school environment.

1.Time Management

There are many priorities that high schoolers have to take care of from classes to extracurriculars. Learning to manage time is a great way to increase productivity and measurable skills gained.

Ways to manage time include keeping an up-to-date schedule and listing priorities based on importance. There are many calendars out there from Google to the Apple calendar which allows for color coding based on the activity.


While core subjects in high schools provide presentational and interactive assignments that give students opportunities to communicate with each other, a class to work on the fundamentals would go a long way in helping students with their future careers and social competence.

Communication is necessary in every walk of life from work to personal. The ability to listen and communicate effectively allows students to develop their professional speaking skills.

  1. Creativity

Sometimes in high school, teachers tell students what tasks they should get done and in what method they should be completed. This old school way of thinking can trump the creative minds of students. Furthermore, teachers giving students the freedom to be creative in how they think and get work done promotes problem solving and resiliency. Creativity allows for our minds to be limitless. So why not push for more methods in developing this side of our mind!

For many students, high school is a time where they can really learn about themselves and what they are passionate about as they transition to adulthood. On top of that, how great would it be to have a soft skills class in high school that teaches time management, communication skills, and creativity! There is never a better time to get started than today!


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