Why You Need Soft Skills

Devieanna Foote

         Why You Need Soft Skills


            Are you currently seeking employment or are you in a career that is not as successful as you want it to be? If so, you need to enhance your education by learning soft skills. Soft Skills are personal attributes that enhance an employee’s ability to get a job done. Soft skills are vital for any form of employment.

If you have plans to make an increased amount of income then you need to have certifications to back up your skills. These soft skills certifications make you stand out from your competition. Employers will view your resume and see that you have the work ethic they are looking for. This is great for applying for leadership roles in your company. You will have the resources you need to master work competence. A study was done at Harvard University on what makes a successful career and the research shows that 85% of people who had training in soft skills had higher success in their careers.

            Success Training Institute teaches you these soft skills that are essential to your career. Success Training Institute utilizes a video-based curriculum with videos that are 8 minutes or less. Whether you are a full-time college student or you have already started working in your chosen career field SimplySuccess.com is available to work with you.

You can also take these courses at your own pace. I am a full-time college student with a part-time job and I found Success Training Institute was flexible enough to work around my busy schedule. I am currently majoring in psychology and I plan on becoming a psychologist on the clinical level. I have used the networking skills that I learned from the Success Training Institute to establish a foundation of people I can contact for work in the future in the medical field. I have also used soft skills to enhance my academic performance. My most notable change since implementing Success Training Institute’s methods is that I am more efficient with time management. This is something that I have always struggled with but after taking a time management course on SimplySuccess.com I have learned some techniques that work for me.

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