Post Pandemic Panic

Post Pandemic Panic? Here’s the Solution!

How have you dealt with your post pandemic problems? For me personally, the pandemic has brought on social anxiety from the remote learning environment to distanced work surroundings. Furthermore, there have been many changes in our everyday life from the ways we greet each other to maintaining social distance. The former form of greetings of hugs and handshakes have turned into fist bumps and elbows. Researchers from the National Library of Medicine conducted a study that shows “40.9% of respondents reported at least one adverse mental or behavioral health condition, including symptoms of anxiety disorder or depressive disorder (Namica, 2020).” Luckily the behaviors we have developed throughout the pandemic can be improved with the right practices!

1. Picking up new skills (or practicing old ones)
When in doubt, it’s always great to have a passion to lean on from learning different languages or playing a new sport! Another area for growth is in the soft skills department as skills like communication and teamwork were not prioritized as the world entered a pandemic. Furthermore, the steps we take in working on our soft skills through certification courses such as the ones provided by the Success Training Institute (STI) will provide a great foundation to build on for the future! Currently, we have soft skills certification courses on workplace productivity, time management, and conflict resolution!

2. Go at your own pace
As the pandemic ends, many of us feel pressured to integrate ourselves back into the real world as fast as possible, but it’s important to acknowledge how you are feeling and take steps that you

are comfortable with. Instead of feeling the need to talk to all of your closest family members and friends at once, just try reaching out and speaking to one person to get more comfortable with your new surroundings again! Another tip is to create a daily schedule in place so you don’t overwhelm yourself with certain priorities such as work while also keeping progress on daily events.

3. Exercise
Social anxiety can be a toll to deal with at times especially with the uncertainty coming out of a pandemic that has separated us from the real world for so long but for me, a great solution to deal with stress has always been exercise. I’m not saying running 5 miles everyday is the solution for everybody but there are different levels of workouts from walks to lifting weights to yoga that can give yourself a sense of peace when you most need it. Exercise creates stress relieving hormones in the body which in turn helps your physical health. Adding on to that fact, exercise has always been a great means of expression so make an effort to try out different activities and see which one works best for you!

The aforementioned three solutions for how to deal with post pandemic panic from picking up new skills to maintaining your own pace to exercise have varying levels of effects depending on the person. Feel free to experiment with one solution or even all three and detail down your progress along the way!

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