Soft Skills That Can Help Improve Your Emotional Health in The Workplace Mary Alston Whitaker

Soft Skills That Can Help Improve Your Emotional Health in The Workplace

Mary Alston Whitaker


            Emotional health can be interpreted in many ways. The negative stigma around emotional health in the workplace needs to end. As a psychology major, I have studied people’s emotions and how to create a better environment. People need to feel safe in the workplace and be able to express their feelings openly. Certain soft skills can help you and others with their emotional competency. The soft skills that I believe can help you with your emotional health are communication, conflict management, and team building. 


            Communication is the most important soft skill in the workplace, especially concerning emotional intelligence. Speaking with other people in your workplace can help build deeper connections with coworkers. It also enables you to deliver your message and express what you want from your job. Communicating effectively can help everybody get on the same page and reach the end goal faster. Better communication can help improve your mental health in the workplace by reducing the stress from miscommunication. 


            Conflict is often a result of poor communication. Therefore, conflict management is essential to a workplace because it can lead to more positive outcomes. Conflict is inevitable in any setting but learning how to deal with it effectively is key to building better relationships in the workplace. Conflict management is critical to a healthy work environment because it relieves unnecessary stress and finds ways to cope with conflict appropriately.  


Team building also stems from communication but can be looked at as the opposite of conflict management, improved communication. Team building can help you form an understanding relationship with your peers, and they will do the same with you. The world can be a better place if we all try to understand each other a little better. Team building can help you emotionally by not feeling isolated in the workplace and knowing you have people to talk to. 


Improving emotional health/ intelligence can be intimidating, but I assure you it is worth it. Increasing emotional competency will increase your productivity in and out of the workplace. Luckily, I have just the place where you can get started on these soft skills now. Visit simplysucess.com now to gain more knowledge on these skills and even become certified in communication, conflict resolution, team building, and so much more!